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Thailand Famous Festivals

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    Annual Mekong River Festival
    1 December - 31 January

    Drink in the crack-of-dawn ambiance before anyone else in Thailand and watch the certificate-granting ceremony of the Photography Contents. Tour along the Mekong River can be arranged at a reasonable cost. Check out the adventure tourism exhibition.

    Bangkok International Film Festival

    January 13-24, Bangkok

    elcome to film-makers from all over the world and international performing artists, especially from Hollywood. At the Bangkok International Film Festival not only will major studios and independent film enterprises premiere their films for Asia, but they will also attend the exhibition of "Location Thailand and Film Tech."
    Here, marketing and business opportunities await those in the film industry competition.

    Viewers will enjoy an exciting exhibition on spectacular poster will be available along with the seminars and conferences related to motion pictures.

    Chao Pho - Chao Mae Pak Nam Pho Procession and Nakhon Sawan Chinese Festival
    2-13 February, Pak Nam Pho Market, Nakhon Sawan

    Chao Pho - Chao Mae Pak Nam Pho (Pak Nam Pho God and Goddess) Procession and Festival have been preserved by the offspring of Thai-Chinese descendants in Nakhon Sawan. The festival has been in existance since ancient times, and is held during the Chinese New Year to bring good fortune. It features a procession of various exotic floats such as those with famous lion and dragon, a band of divine beings, the famous Chinese goddness Kuan Im along the main roads of the municipality. The festival has made quite a name among both Thais and foreigners. The night procession is on 11 February 2005 at 6:00pm, from the Nakhon Sawan Municipality Hall to Pak Nam Pho Market.

    The day procession is on 12 February 2005 at 7:00am along SawanWitte Road and Matulee Road.

    Chiang Mai Flower Festival
    4-6 February, Suan Buak Hat Park, Chiang Mai

    If you like beautiful flowers and decorative plants, this is the festival for you. Experience these beautiful flower-decorated floats and the Flower Queen Beauty Pageant and flower arranging contest. Also, exhibits of wide variety of agricultural products and booths from different districts in Chiang Mai.

    Sea Turtle Conservation Festival
    7-8 February, Thai Mueang Beach, Phang-nga

    Free the turtle fair is annually held at Thai Mueang Beach. During the festival baby turtles raised by the Fisheries Department are released into the sea at Thai Mueang Beach.

    Hat Yai Chinese New Year
    February 09-11, Sri Nakhon School in Hat Yai district, Songkhla Province

    The Thai/Chinese population all over Thailand celebrate the Chinese New Year with a week of house-cleaning, lion dances and fireworks. The impressive festivities takes place in the Chinese dominated province of Songkhla which features a Chinese procession to honour the golden dragon diety for his benevolence.

    Thailand China Town Festival
    9-10 February, China Town on Yaowarat Road, Bangkok

    Come to celebrate the Chinese New Year at the biggest China Town in Thailand, Yaowarat Road renowned as the Golden Road, the Land of Siamese Dragon. Watch the Beauty Pageant. Treasure the Chinese cultural demonstrations and experience choices of Chinese cuisine available at famous Chinese restaurants as well as fashion show depicting ancient Chinese attire in various regions. The goldsmith shops offer you beautiful souvenirs. Last but not least, Chinese movies will fascinate you.

    Chai Nat Straw Birds Festival
    11-14 February, Chai Nat Birds Park, Chai Nat

    This festival is held annually during Chinese New Year around the month of February. The festival features a straw-bird exhibition, parade and straw-bird making contest. All events take place at the city hall. After the parade, each straw-bird will be shown at Chai Nat Bird Park where a bazaar and fun fair's held. A variety of goods and products are on sale at the fair.

    Bangkok China Town Festival
    9-10 February, Bangkok

    Celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Thailand China's Friendship, let the "Golden" be an auspicious beginning of New Year

    Chao Mae Lim Ko Niao Fair
    February 17 - 26, Around Leng Chu Kiang Shrine, Amphoe Muang, Pattani

    Among the Chinese and families of Chinese descent, the Goddess Chao Mae Lim Kor Nieo is a highly revered. Featuring an opening ceremony of wading through water, various activities such as a light and sound show, Lion and Dragon Dances and Lim Kor Nieo Goddess Procession.

    Annual Kalasin Prae Wa Silk Festival
    26 - 6 March, Rim Pao Hotel, Amphoe Muang Kalasin, Kalasin Province

    The intricate and colourful designs of Prae Wa - the 'queen of silks' makes this fabric, the most exquisite and most famous of all of the handicrafts of Kalasin Province.

    Pattaya Music Festival
    18-20 March, The Road along Pattaya Beach, Chon Buri

    Enjoy free concerts of different types of music: pop, rock, dance music, hip-hop, and jazz over two days and two nights. This will be the greatest meeting of leading Thai and overseas singers. Have fun at the Pattaya Beach by playing water-sports such as jet-skis and banana boats.

    Phanom Rung Festival
    2 - 4 April, Phanom Rung Historical Park, Buri Ram

    This recently established festival commemorates the restoration of the impressive Angkor-style temple complex. It involves a daytime procession to Khao Phanom Rung and an impressive light and sound presentation at night.

    Hat Yai Midnight Songkran Festival
    6 - 13 April, Hat Yai, Songkhla

    Come and splash water to celebrate Songkran and watch a pageant of beauty queens. Witness the beautiful procession. Enjoy the fire show, cultural performance and all kinds of entertainment during the festival.

    Dok Khun Siang Khaen Fair and I-San Songkran Festival
    8-15 Apri, Bueng Kaen Nakhon, Khon Kaen

    Experience the beauty of Dok Khun in full bloom throughout this Northeastern province. Enjoy water splashing I-san style in the unique Sticky Rice Road ( Thanon Khao Niao ), as well as demonstrations and a contest of delectable local cusine in the grand city of Khon Kaen. Also see ox-cart procession decorated with beautiful flowers and a beautiful flowers and a beauty pageant.

    I-San Maha Songkran Festival
    8-15 April, Along Mekong River, Nong Khai

    You will see a beautiful procession to srinkle water onto Luang Pho Phra Sai at Wat Pho Chai. Join in the water splashing to celebrate the New Year. Watch Thai traditional sports. Visit our beloved elderly people and ask for their blessing. There's also culture activities and all kinds of entertainment on offer during the festival.

    Chiang Mai Songkran Festival
    11 - 15 April, Throughout the city of Chiang Mai

    Partake in our Songkran Festival in Chiang Mai. In the morning, there will be merit making and receiving blessing water from elders and watch the spectacular Songkran procession, cultural shows and beauty pageant.

    Ayutthaya Songkran Festival (Old Capital's Songkran)
    13-15 April, Around the area of Phra Si Suriyothai Chedi, Wihan Phra Mongkhonbophit, and Khun Phaen's Residence.

    In the morning, people will offer food to monks and make merit. Sprinkle water onto the lord Buddha images for blessing. Watch the beautiful procession of flower-arranged floats and a beauty pageant. View the beautiful Songkran procession and cultural performances. Water splashing is also popular.

    Wan Lai bang Saen Songkran Festival
    16 - 17 April, Bang Saen Beach, Chon Buri

    This is a tradition the people of Tambon Saensuk have followed since ancient times. In the past, the festival began with an invitation extended to monks to give blessings to households on the Thai New Year. Water splashing is vital. You can also see folk games sports on this special occasion.

    Phra Pradaeng Songkran Festival
    18 - 20 April, Phra Pradaeng, Samut Prakan

    You will enjoy the Songkran procession of decorative floats and a procession of birds and fish. View the excotic game of "Saba" played by the Mon descendants. Also checks out the Beauty Queen and King Pageant.

    Toh Moh Goddess Shrine Festival
    18 - 28 April, Sungai Kolok, Narathivat

    Marvel at opening Ceremony of Fire, the Toh Moh Goddess Shrine Procession, the Spiritual Ceremony, and the famous Lion and Golden Dragon Show.

    Trat Fruit and Produce Festival
    May - June, In front of Trat City Hall, Trat

    Featuring the fruit-decorated float contest, agricultural produce contest, exhibition and distribution of agricultural produce. Agriculture related tours are available so you can enjoy your visit to different orchards and take a bite of local fruits.

    Rocket Festival
    13 - 15 May, Phaya Thaen Park, Yasothon

    This explosive festival is held during the second weekend of May. The purpose is to promote group unity and ask holy spirits for seasonal rain. The festival is now a national event with grand rocket procession, local dances and the launching of rockets at Phaya Thaen Park.

    Bun Luang and Phi Ta Khon Festival
    June, Wat Phonchai Loei

    Phi Ta Khon is part of the Bun Luang Festival, the biggest merit-making ceremony of Dan Sai District. Participants wear fancy and colourful ghost masks with very pointy noses, dressing up in quilted costumes with holes large enough to put their hands through. The phi ta Khon is a brandish wooden ghost phalluses and have cowbells tied to their waists. Folk dancers, men and buffalos are also a rocket procession, Phi Ta Khon dance competition, agricultural produce competition, exhibitions, and art and culture shows.

    The Siam Tulip Festival of Chaiyaphum
    1 June - 31 July, Chaiyaphum Pa Hin Ngam National Park

    The unique geographical landscape of Chaiyaphum Province in the northeast of Thailand gives rise to a range of natural attractions of exceptional beauty. Of these, the fields of pinkish-purple Siam Tulip, or "Dok Krachiao", come in to full bloom in the early part of the rainy season from June to August.
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    Hua Hin Jazz Festival
    June, Hua Hin beach, Prachuap Khiri Khan

    Relax at the Hua Hin Jazz Festival where you will enjoy both renowned Thai and international jazz musicians, familiar all-time favourites and contemporary works.

    A true celebration of jazz in a beautiful beach atmosphere where you can also enjoy sumptuous cuisine and refreshments available at different stands along the beach. If you enjoy unique folk handicrafts for souvenirs, this will also be a chance for you to do your shopping for your beloved ones.

    Sing Buri fruit festival
    2-3 July, Sing Buri

    While we often hear of fruit tours to Rayong, Chanthaburi and Trat, seldom is Sing Buri, just 142 kilometres north of Bangkok, mentioned in the same vein. Its Tha Chang district, in fact, is full of fruit orchards and farms.

    From July 2-3 it is inviting visitors to come and sample santol, longan and other fruits that Tha Chang is noted for. To make the most of the trip, travellers should also visit other places of interest, like the Wat Phikun Thong temple that houses the highly revered image of Luang Pho Phae, Wat Phranon Chaksi in Muang district famous for its Reclining Buddha, and Wat Sawang Arom and its Nang Yai Museum.
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    Ubon Ratchathani Candle Procession Festival
    20 - 21July, Ubon Ratchathani

    During the Buddhist Lent, the candle procession has long been traditionally organised so that the candles can be taken to the temples as offerings to monks together with oil and bathing cloths.

    People prepare to receive the Royal lent Candle. They will also enjoy others activities in this special Festival, namely the Candle Beauty Pageant, the Candle Competition and "Pha Khao Laeng" style dinner. In the Lent Candle Procession, there are a large numbers of participants dressed in local costumes. along the way, they perform exotic local dances.
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    Kolae Boat Racing and Narathiwat Product Festival
    1 September, At Thaphrayasai Dam Side, Narathivat

    This annual fair shows off the produce and marine culture of Narathiwat. Vistors will enjoy shopping, boat races and exhibitions of local products from each district. You can take part in many festivities such as Arts and Crafts Exhibition, Chawa's Dove Cooing Contest and Kolae Boat Racing King's Cup.

    The Bathing of Phra Buddha Mahadhamaracha Festival or Um Phra Dam Nam Ceremony
    17 September, Wat Trai Phum, Phetchabun

    Phra Buddha Mahadhamaracha is a highly revered ancient Buddha image of Phetchabun. The image was found in the Pasak River by agroup of farmers four hundred years ago and was taken to the housed in Wat Trai Phum. According to a legend, The Buddha image has disappeared twice from the temple and was later found in the water. The rumor said that the Buddha image had simply wandered out of the temple.

    So a ritual bathing ceremony is held and start at 1pm. The image is carried around town and put under a tent in Wat Trai Phum. So buddhists can pay homage to it and stick gold leaves on the image. In the evening, prayers are chanted. At night, there are various kinds of entertainment. The next morning, people make merit by offering food and other neccessities to monks. After the ceremony, the water in the river is regarded as sacred. As a result, people swim in it or drink it before the boat racing begins.

    Phuket Vegetarian Festival
    2 - 11 October, Various Chinese Shrines, Phuket

    If you are a veggie-lover, or just enjoy seeing super-human displayes of devotion like scaling razor-ranged ladders, this festival is for you. It is believed this is the time to purify mind and soul by refraining from meat consumption. This festival is believed to be a tradition imported by Chinese immigrants.

    There will be a ceremony to welcome the nine gods of Taoism. Symbolising the presence of the deities throughout the festival, nine lanterns are to be lit up and placed aloft a Ko Teng pole.

    In the evening of the sixth day of the waxing moon, there will be a religious and incredible displays of face-and-body-piercing.

    On the last day, there is a grand finale procession of devotees through the streets, beside altars, and exploding fireworks.

    The Illuminated Boat Procession Festival of Nakhon Phanom
    13 - 19 October, On the bank of the Mekong River, Nakhon Phanom

    Experience some traditional boat reces on the Mekong River, along with light and sound presentation and local cultural shows. A wide selection of local handicrafts and OTP products are also on sale.

    Chak Phra & Thot Phapa Festival
    14 - 22 October, On the Bank of Si Tapi Dam and beside Wang Tai Hotel, Surat Thani

    A waterborne Buddhist ceremony is enhanced by boat races and a variety of entertainments.

    Sakon Nakhon Wax Castle Festival and Boat Racing
    15 - 18 October, Ming Mueang Park and Nonghan Area, Sakon Nakhon

    Featured in the event are a spectacular Wax Castle Procession, merit-making and alms-giving rites at Phrathat Choengchum and Sakon's Food and Goods Fair. Plus there's the world's only Peacock Dancing Contest. Get caught up the Royal Cup Long Boat Race and snap up local handicrafts and OTOP products from several stores.

    The Buffalo Races Festival
    16 October,In Front of City Hall, Chin Buri

    Buffalo races with "jockeys" on thier back, and a humourous beauty pageant for these beast of barden are all part of the fun.

    Naga Fireball Phenomenon and Illuminated Boat Procession Festival
    17 October, Phon Phi Sai District, Nong Khai

    Experience an amazing phenomenon inthis northeastern province. Every year, on the night marking the end of Buddhist Lent, Fireballs of various sizes shoot out of the Mekong River. Watch the light and sound show to learn the legend about how king of the sepents (Phaya Nak) Shoots fireballs for paying a tribute to the Lord Buddha.

    Bua Tong Festival
    1 November - 15 December, Doi Mae U-kho, Mae Hong Son

    Bua Tong are a tiny yellow wild sunflowers, which blossom over the Doi Mae U-kho mountain range along the Thai-Burmese border during November. The golden carpet blanketed with morning mist makes it an unforgettable vista.

    Sukhothai's Loi Krathong Festival
    11 - 15 November, Sukhothai Historikal Park

    Come and get a new perspective on this world heritage. Sukhothai's Loi Krathong is held annually on the full moon night of the 12th lunar month at the Sukhothai Historical Park. Activities during the festival include krathong floating, a fireworks display, and local games and performances amidst the historical splendour of the 700-year-ancient temples of the Sukhothai Historical Park.

    Chiang Mai Yi Peng Festival
    14 - 16 November, In front of Chiang Mai Municipality Office, Chiang Mai.

    Experience another form of Loi Krathong Festival, in Lanna-Thai style. This festival is a mesmerising sight, and a unique ritual of the northern capital's Loi Krathong festival by the launching of Lanna-style hot air balloons, so locals can float away all their woes.

    Tak's Loi Krathong Sai Festival
    14 - 19 November, Tak

    This festival involves Royal Lamps, and a light and sound presentation on a water screen. Other attractions include a beauty pageant, and a bazaar of local handicrafts.

    Loi Krathong Tam Pathip Festival
    15 - 16 November, Bangsai Arts and Crafts Centre of H.M. Queen Sirikit of Thailand, Ayutthaya

    Our fascinating Loi Krathong festival has long been celebrated all over the country and slowly evolved into different spectacles.
    Loi Krathong Tam Pathip Festival is another style so truly unique that the experience will not easily be forgotten.
    Celebrated every 15th day of the waxing moon in the 12th lunar month, the Loi Krathong Tam Pathip Festival cemebrates the tradition handed down from the olden days when Ayutthaya was once the capital.

    Enjoy the festivities, which includes a beauty pageant (Nang Nopphamat), and procession, a thai food fair, fireworks, floating lanterns and long boat races.

    Krabi Boek FA Andaman Festival
    15 - 17 November, Krabi

    An annual event, these festivities inaugurate the province's tourist season with parades, local products contests, sea-kayak competition and boat races.

    Ayutthaya World Heritage Festival
    13 - 19 December 2005 - Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Historical Park, Ayutthaya

    Enjoy the light and sound presentation. Come to Wat Mahathat in Phra Nakhon Si Ayyuthaya Historical Park and be enchanted by the "Suek Phromat" Episode of the Ramayana.

    You are invited to visit our ancient kingdom and its hundreds of well-preserved ruins, take a boat and cruise along the river to see the island city and its ancient way of life.


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