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Ancient City & Crocodile Farm (1day)

Great tour for family & children

  • 08:30 Hotel picks up

    Visit to The Ancient City which house replicas of important places from various provinces. Some of those are miniaturized and some are actual sizes. Lt is also center of interesting folk arts and culture.

    Ancient City is a park spreading over 200 acres in the elephant-head shape of Thailand. In their correct geographic position, replicas of all the country's most historically significant structures have been erected, some full-size but most scaled down. All have been accurately and meticulously recreated. Some buildings are even genuine, moved here for preservation.

    Other genuine buildings have been transported to recreate traditional scenes of Thai life, such as The market of Yesteryear, the Floating Market and the Northern Thai Hamlet.

    Another facet of Ancient City is the beautiful gardens, some of them portraying Thai legends with bronze horses flying over waterfalls and suchlike.

    12:00 Lunch
    13:00 Visit to Crocodile Farm ,enjoy crocodile hunter & other animals show

    The Samutprakarn Crocodile Farm and Zoo is an internationally renowned crocodile zoo in Bangkok, Thailand. It claims to hold the Guiness Book of Records Largest Captive Crocodile measuring six meters (19 feet, 8 inches) and weighing 1114.27 kilograms (2465 pounds). This enormous crocodile is one among over 100,000 crocodiles at the world's largest crocodile farm.

    Visitors to the crocodile farm can see a wide variety of animals other than crocodiles, including elephants, lions, tigers, monkeys, horses, and hippos. There are frequent crocodile shows, famous for the performers putting their heads inside a crocodile's mouth. Elephant shows display the dexterity of elephants as they walk tightropes, ride skateboards, and dance. Visitors may also take short elephant ride, ride a train, enjoy a paddle boat ride, or explore the dinosaur museum.

    15:30 Visit Erawan Elephant

    Erawan Elephant
    The Erawan is a mystical three headed elephant that Thai Buddhists believe carried Buddha as he descended back into the world of ordinary people after reaching enlightenment.  Elephants in general and Erawan in particular are greatly respected by Thai people.

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